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About Eel River Coral

Welcome to Eel River Coral, a new store for 3d printed reef aquarium parts and accessories. Using cutting edge technology I am able to design and produce aquarium accessories to elevate the reef keeping experience.

I have been in the hobby since 2007 when I first started with a small aquarium and gradually upgraded to larger and larger reef aquariums. I was always attracted to both the wonder and beauty of life on the reef as well the technological challenges of replicating it on a smaller scale. It’s constant challenges proved both rewarding and frustrating, but necessity proves to be the mother of invention!

As I design for the reef aquarium I have set out on a goal of sharing my experiences with everyone by both documenting the process of design and sharing product design files with open source licenses. I believe in the spirit of cooperation and hope you’ll join me on my journey to grow this hobby and passion into something more than just a business.

I have a passion for open source projects and all of my 3d printable designs are available for download on their product pages. I will be providing updates to this blog as the business grows and the projects I work on, so follow along for the journey!

Eel River Corals is located in Fortuna, California, right in the heart of the Eel River Valley.