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Eel River Coral Closed through April due to Covid-19

I regret to inform my fellow reef enthusiasts that Eel River Corals will be closed now through April due to the spread of the Covid-19 virus in the United States. In effort to maintain social distancing rules and reduce transmission of the virus I am no longer accepting orders for my products.

In the mean time I will be printing and shipping support materials for fighting the Covid-19 virus. If you’re a fellow maker or medical care provider in need of N95 respirator shields please visit and sign up:

I will be reopening Eel River Corals when we are able to return to our daily lives and our community emergency needs have been met. I am looking forward to sharing a lot of new and exciting products and projects with everyone when we all return!

I hope everyone stays safe and healthy,

Eric Sutter

Eel River Corals