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Eel River Corals is Open for Business!

I’m happy to announce we are open and shipping products again! We are shipping out of a certified for reopening business location that adheres to strict social distancing guidelines and surface sanitation. We are continuing to offer free shipping on all orders and shipping out daily Mon-Sat.

Happy to be back!

I am also excited to announce I am now sharing this space with additional 3d printed Vendors! I can’t make everything I would like to offer on my own and I’m very happy to have partnered with Coby Stolz to begin offering his products on Eel River Coral as well! Coby Stolz parts are beautifully printed to match or exceed my standards and excellent designs. I am also very excited to announce he is offering bottles of his live cultured phytoplankton! I have been using his phyto in my frag tank and I love the polyp extension I get from dosing it. You can find his products and his new phytoplankton offerings on the shop page!

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Eel River Coral Closed through April due to Covid-19

I regret to inform my fellow reef enthusiasts that Eel River Corals will be closed now through April due to the spread of the Covid-19 virus in the United States. In effort to maintain social distancing rules and reduce transmission of the virus I am no longer accepting orders for my products.

In the mean time I will be printing and shipping support materials for fighting the Covid-19 virus. If you’re a fellow maker or medical care provider in need of N95 respirator shields please visit and sign up:

I will be reopening Eel River Corals when we are able to return to our daily lives and our community emergency needs have been met. I am looking forward to sharing a lot of new and exciting products and projects with everyone when we all return!

I hope everyone stays safe and healthy,

Eric Sutter

Eel River Corals

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About Eel River Coral

Welcome to Eel River Coral, a new store for 3d printed reef aquarium parts and accessories. Using cutting edge technology I am able to design and produce aquarium accessories to elevate the reef keeping experience.

I have been in the hobby since 2007 when I first started with a small aquarium and gradually upgraded to larger and larger reef aquariums. I was always attracted to both the wonder and beauty of life on the reef as well the technological challenges of replicating it on a smaller scale. It’s constant challenges proved both rewarding and frustrating, but necessity proves to be the mother of invention!

As I design for the reef aquarium I have set out on a goal of sharing my experiences with everyone by both documenting the process of design and sharing product design files with open source licenses. I believe in the spirit of cooperation and hope you’ll join me on my journey to grow this hobby and passion into something more than just a business.

I have a passion for open source projects and all of my 3d printable designs are available for download on their product pages. I will be providing updates to this blog as the business grows and the projects I work on, so follow along for the journey!

Eel River Corals is located in Fortuna, California, right in the heart of the Eel River Valley.